This site is a celebration of the days when British Professional Wrestling was a highly skilled and athletic sport, supported by thousands of spectators every week in clubs and halls around the country. In its heyday from the 1950s to the 1980s, British Professional Wrestling was enjoyed by millions on television every Saturday afternoon on ITV's "World of Sport".

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This is a free-to-view, non-commercial website, put together by one man in my spare time. It is by no means complete - there is still lots of work to be done to include everyone worthy of a mention. My aim is to create a fitting tribute to all those who helped bring about "The Golden Years" of British Professional Wrestling.

The site started (around the turn of the century!) when there were no good quality British wrestling sites on the internet. Emails from around the world confirm there is still a great respect for 'classic' British Professional Wrestling. Over the years, I have been loaned wrestling magazines, been sent scanned pictures and even been entrusted with original photographs by wrestlers and their families. Best of all, I have been welcomed into the "wrestling fraternity" and attended reunions where wrestlers meet to reminisce about escapades both in and out of the ring. It has been my good fortune to meet them, and others behind the scenes, discovering the warm friendship of this very special group of comrades.

As wrestlers' families and friends discover this site, I hope they will be inspired to search attics and thumb through family albums, and send in material to enable their role in the history of wrestling to be acknowledged here. Meanwhile, my aim is to scan many more photographs and articles from "The Wrestler" and other vintage wrestling magazines for you to enjoy.

Ideally, there will be regular site updates, but please bear in mind that I have a full-time job. Gathering information and scanning photographs takes time. My apologies if updates aren't as frequent as on other websites and emails aren't answered promptly. I can't update the site daily with current news of the "wrestling fraternity" but, fortunately, there are now other websites which can. For news, interviews, discussion forums and much more, check out the excellent Wrestling Heritage site. And if you want it "straight from the horse's mouth", the official British Wrestlers' Reunion site must be the place to visit.

Happy browsing!

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Leeds Reunion Sep 2013 report and photos.
Wrestling magazines and boots for sale in the "Readers' Requests" section of the Noticeboard.

Leeds Reunion Mar 2013 report and photos.

"New Wrestler" magazine c1985.

BBC4 Timeshift page added.

7th British Wrestlers' Reunion (Leeds) (held on 14th October 2012) page added.

20 to 28/09/12
Ronnie "Ace" Allcard tribute page added and updated.

Audiofiles added to British Wrestlers' Reunion 2012 page. You can now listen to all the speeches.

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Photos sent in by Al Marshall and Harry Monk, including their day out at "Grapple Wrestling Gym" in Leeds and Al's old sparring partner "Hurricane" Len Smith.

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