Ray Fury

Dagenham Light-Heavyweight

Feature from "The Wrestler", April 1962

Feature from "The Wrestler", September 1962 "The Wrestler", August 1963 "The Wrestler", November 1963

Feature from "The Wrestler", June 1964 Feature from "The Wrestler", July 1964

Toe & ankle hold by Roy St Clair on Fury Feature from "The Wrestler", October 1966 Side headlock by Johnny Yearsley

Feature from "The Wrestler", May 1967 Knee drop on Bill Torontos

Feature from "The Wrestler", August 1967 Johnny Dark with a wristlock and a figure 4 to Fury's arm

Johnny Czeslaw headlock Feature from "The Wrestler" May 1970

Ray Fury and Frankie Rimer 1971:
(i)Posing before a match
(ii)Headlock by Fury
(iii)Headlock by Rimer
(iv)Aeroplane spin by Frankie Rimer

Ray Fury and Frankie Rimer 1971:
(i)Reverse arm lever to Fury
(ii)Ray Fury forearm smashes Frankie Rimer
(iii)Stepover leglock by Fury on Rimer

Ray Fury and tag partner Harry Peters "The Prizefighters"

Many thanks to Frank Rimer for scanning most of these photographs.
Thanks also to James Knight for the tag team pics and Jason for the second Johnny Dark photo

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